In 10 years "Polite Chinese men" may appear in Siberia

Russians have been scaring each other with the Chinese military invasion for more than twenty years. They have made a lot of documentaries on how the "Chinese Dragon" attacks the "Russian bear".

This is stated in the article called 10 new wars to threaten the world, published in Forbes.

According to the article,  the military expert Frank Jacobs stated the reasons for China to occupy Siberia in New York Times in January 2015.

- China is overpopulated and is short in natural resources. The Siberia, on the contrary, is underpopulated and rich in timber, oil and gas. China's population (1.35 billion people) is almost 10 times higher than Russia's population (144 million) and in the areas near to the 4209-kilometer Russian-Chinese border, there is even greater disparity - only 6 million Russians live in the front of 90 million Chinese, - states an expert.

According to Frank Jacobs, a substantial part of Siberians realise that they are closer to China than to Moscow and when Beijing will distribute Chinese passports among them and send "polite yellow men" for military defense "of the citizens", they won't protest. Western experts believe that Russia will have to give away its territory to China or use nuclear weapons.

This war is considered the most unlikely one from the ten considered. First, heat-loving Chinese are reluctant to settle in Siberia - according to the Federal Migration Service of Russia, only 11 000 Chinese workers came to thecountry in 2014. Second, there easier ways for Chinese expansion than to start a conflict with nuclear power. In tha matter of territory itis easier to go to Mongolia, and to take oil and gas deposits in the Philippines in the South China Sea.

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